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Digital Banking Application

It has been our observation that banks still lack the placement of a standard banking application that can encompass the services required to create enough utility for their consumers. Circle has created an application for the banks in order to help them to achieve the target.

Our application platform allows banks and other strategic partners to quickly use this service and forget about the struggles of integrating with other 3rd party services as and when needed - we take care of it all. Once any of our partners join the network, Circle is able to leverage on the product/service inventory and make them available to all stakeholders. Hence, making the application platform loaded with utilitarian usage.


In Bangladesh, bank-led mobile finance services has seen a rapid growth and has become an important tool-of-the-trade for extending banking services to the unbanked/banked population. Taking into account the current market scenario, to say that the FinTech boom is cannibalizing traditional banking, would be an exaggeration.

2017 was the year for starting momentum of transformation of the banks to start offering innovative services based on FinTech. 2018 onward the banks will be seen experimenting with newer technologies in order to facilitate faster and self-service customer experience. By the end of 2019, banking industry’s transformation will take a shape that can give us the direction of future banking.

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Merchant Acquisition

ConnectREACH is there to transform the traditional cash exchange practice to meet the wants and needs to a ubiquitous digital experience no matter who you are, where you are and whatever device you are carrying. The idea is to reduce the security risk of carrying cash for both the payer and payee which is partially solved through plastics for customers but not entirely solved if you want to go limitless in a managed way. Factors like travel time and cost is also considered for both parties.

By introducing interoperability and accessibility to all, ConnetREACH comes with a unified digital payment placement for its strategic partners where customers will have a single point gateway for their day to day expenditure which also led the merchant/s to have one manageable account for all regardless of the size of the payment.

Supply Chain Collection

Distribution Infrastructure

ConnectAUX  is a benchmark Distribution Network service deployment by Circle FinTech Ltd. It has a clear vision to place it’s footprint across the horizon in terms of network expansion and optimum service availability. ConnectAUX takes a strategic approach to distribute banking products and services which allow us to uncover retail opportunities for growth. Our National Operations Team (CNOT) team allows us to capitalize and follow through on these opportunities by delivering enhanced customer experiences and innovative distribution strategies.

Our vision is a country that has attained a maximum or full financial inclusion. Its objective is achieving a cashless society. An economy where the lower income population are not ignored, where the reach of these people is on par with that of the middle or higher income population. A future where things like e-commerce and digital services are a regular phenomenon in the lives of millions of unprivileged consumers scattered all across the nation. Rural life now has the perks of availing city facilities at their fingertips resulting in a progressive developing Bangladesh as a whole.