Banks and Financial institutions can do much more if they can leverage today’s information technology. Banking doesn’t need to be complicated, it can in fact be as ubiquitous as any other service. There are inconveniences in a consumer's day to day life which ITeS and financial institution together can solve. It can be used to stay up-to-date of one’s bank account, making transfers, creating direct debits to and from family and friends and significant others, control expenditures, access credit card facilities and emergency service etc. The freedom of Deposits and Withdrawals will take accessing banking services to a new frontier.

Circle FinTech Ltd has introduced Circle © DFS (Digital Financial Services) which aims to help banks and financial institutions to provide innovative services by leveraging their existing infrastructure and contemporary technologies. It is an interconnected set of systems that work together to bring banking into the consumer's pocket in a more personable manner. Circle DFS takes a holistic approach in providing its ITeS by systematically developing and deploying products in multiple dimensions, be it with modern website and/or mobile applications. That being said DFS works as a middleware, which primarily will enable Banks and connected switching networks to integrate modern banking facilities without the need to purchase immensely expensive systems.

Digital Financial Services

Increased Access

Connecting Strategic partners

By nature Circle has an inclusive business model. The reason behind is that in order to increase trade facilitation it is important that end users have access to as many point of payment systems as possible. It is inherently believed that one would not need to convert to cash should we have the necessary mediums to deal in digital.

Fast Money

Real-time output or nothing

It is not enough to have a digital system in place anymore. Now we need to have a real-time medium of interfacing. If one chooses to deposit money, then it is reasonably expected to reflect on to the statements immediately. Therefore it is important that all stakeholders in the transaction process have the latest systems in place and can traverse on each others networks.